Life is good: discover a unique concept in Quebec, that of a private resort neighborhood.

Have you ever returned from a relaxing and memorable stay, only to forget a few days later that you were on vacation? You enjoyed the time spent exploring nature, playing golf, tennis and dining at a restaurant, but the holidays ended. At Cité du Golf des Lacs, you will experience a year-round resort experience ... that of a private resort neighborhood worthy of Florida's "gated communities". 

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Private Resort Neighborhood

In the heart of the neighborhood, the Clubhouse is the social hot spot of La Cité. Have a drink with your friends, relax with a cup of tea on the veranda overlooking the greens, or enjoy the saltwater pools in a haven of peace.

To complement your active lifestyle, you will have the opportunity to keep fit either at the gym, via yoga classes or by using the two heated indoor pools. The Club also offers a shuttle service for skiing and a bike path. Whether you're a golfer, gardener, skier, relaxation or health enthusiast, rest assured that there is a place for you at La Cité du Golf des Lacs.

A unique lifestyle

The unique concept of Cité du Golf des Lacs invites you to enjoy hassle-free living in an exceptional environment.

Make your precious moments become your lifestyle.

Within walking distance:

  1. Clubhouse and reception room
  2. Tennis court
  3. Two pickle ball courts
  4. Golf course and driving range
  5. Golf clubs storage service
  6. Shuttle (alpine skiing)
  7. Two indoor pools
  8. High-end training room
  9. Yoga and Pilates room
  10. Outdoor pool with salt water
  11. Bike path
  12. And more...

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